Meet the Team

Revd Chris Casey, left his post on 9th Feb 2020 to work in the Diocese of Blackburn

Born in Bradford at the start of the sixties, of Irish parents.

He spent 18 years in the Royal Air Force which is where he came into a living relationship to Christ.


"We find ourselves in a church facing a rapidly changing relationship to the world around us, but with a God who never changes, “Jesus Christ – the same yesterday, today and forever” Heb 13:8. We must hold fast to the faith once delivered to the saints – in all its love and redeeming power; nothing else holds out the hope of new life and eternal salvation. We look forward to working with God’s people and seeing what He will do with us, through us and to us!!"


Jenny Montgomery (Priest in Charge) retired on April 8th 2018 and will now continue to serve God as a retired minister in Northern Ireland. 

"My hope and prayer is that our parish will provide a welcome for all and a safe place where everyone can get to know our amazing, loving God and learn what it means to follow and serve him.

God bless, Jenny x"



Reverend Denise Smith

I am an ex-teacher who received a calling very late in life, at 55 years old. I was ordained in 2008. Recently I retired at 70 years old after 8 years of service as an O.L.M. (Ordained Local Minister) and then as an N.S.M. (Non Stipendiary Minister). I serve as a governor of Crawshawbooth Primary School and am a trustee of Crawshawbooth Community Centre.

I share the branch Leadership of Goodshaw Mothers' Union with Mrs Wendy Cox. I am the Rossendale Deanery Leader of Mothers' Union and recently accepted the role of Bolton Archdeaconry Chaplain. One of my great loves is helping to organise festivals and retreats for Mothers' Union members.

It is now over 20 years since I was widowed but I have a lovely extended family, with 14 grandchildren and 1 great -grandchild. When I was 70, the family made me a poster saying, "Mum loves:- Gin & Tonic, a good party, Elvis, being a grandma and then God!" They were teasing me because they know very well that my love for God comes before everything else!

I will continue to serve my Lord in as many ways as I am able, as long as my health holds out. The Lord  does not seem to understand the meaning of the word 'retirement'!!

Lorraine Ashworth (Lay Reader)

Rossendale born and bred, I’m a Licensed Reader which means I have studied for 3 years to enable me to preach sermons, help to lead worship and distribute Holy Communion within the parish. I live outside the parish but try to make a full contribution to parish life when work commitments allow.

I qualified as a primary school teacher in 1996 and have worked as a supply teacher in many different schools. I also work as a customer care adviser.

To relax, I enjoy reading from a wide variety of genres but especially Sci-fi/Fantasy and crime novels. I also love going to watch live rock music with my daughter and friends.

I love my role which I feel God has called me to and want to serve him with joy and purpose in all aspects of my life.

Peter McAlavey (ALM)

Born in Lancaster in 1947, I have been involved in the church for as long as I can remember.

I have been married to Christine for 45 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I am a retired engineer who has spent most of my working life in various management capacities, mainly in the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear and Aircraft industries.

We moved to South Leicestershire in 1985 and I became church warden in my local church. I moved to Rossendale in 2002 and quickly became involved in the life of this parish serving on the PCCand various committees. I became an ALM (Authorised Lay Miniser) in 2014 and will continue to serve the church and community to the best of my ability.


Church Wardens Mike Black & Noreen Ashworth