31st May 2020

“Our vision is to follow Jesus by learning His ways and sharing His love”

We seek to enjoy fellowship together as we worship God, grow in discipleship, develop in ministry and reach our community with the gospel.

We value welcome, worship and witness.


  There will be no services of public worship until further notice.

Please Check the Prayer and Worship section for the readings and sermon for each week. 


Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me !!!

•    A REMINDER : If you are feeling lonely and down after so many weeks of our social isolation, you’re not on your own. DO NOR BE AFRAID OF PICKING UP THE PHONE to any member of the church leadership team or Pastoral Team. It’s OK not to be OK. We have a loving church family, and plenty of help is available. 

•   This week, the Diocese of Manchester announced its decision to proceed with the amalgamation of the current 20 deaneries of the Diocese into 7 new, larger ones and to appoint full time Area Deans to each one. The full communication on this subject can be found here : https://www.manchester.anglican.org/news/2020/05/15/decision-deanery-changes/

•   HAVE YOU GOT THE CHILDREN AT HOME ? DO YOU WANT THEM TO KEEP UP TO DATE WITH THE BIBLE STORIES THEY’D BE HEARING AT JUNIOR CHURCH ? Here is a link to a website called Sermons4kids. Today’s link takes you straight to an activity based around today’s Gospel reading. https://sermons4kids.com

  • Also, DON’T forget to have them follow the Facebook page sett up by our Family & Community Worker, Claire. – Search for ARK – Anglican Rossendale Kids on Facebook. It’s GREAT !!!

•  News coming out of a churchwardens’ Zoom meeting with Rod Bevan (the Area Dean) this week is that it is unlikely that churches will be open again for services until at least September. There is a hope that church buildings may be allowed to open again for private prayer and reflection before then. On the other hand, a September opening is not yet a certainty.

 ANNUAL REPORTS for 2019 – Please could you send your annual reports to Mike and Rachel in preparation for the APCM, which we plan to hold on Sunday 30th August. Many thanks in advance. This date is obviously now subject to change. (see note above)

•  We may not be in church, but there’s plenty of opportunity to worship.

  • The Thy Kingdom Come movement. Is underway again, despite lockdown. Have you chosen the five people you’ll be praying for ?

    • A free App is available for both Apple and Android phones and tablets, from the Apple or Google Stores. It contains daily readings and reflections, as well as ideas on how to pray “Thy Kingdom Come” in the 10 days up to Pentecost.

    • The Archdeaconry of Bolton is broadcasting a daily prayer meeting, hosted by the different deaneries, at 7:30pm each day from Ascension to Pentecost.

      • Simply search on YouTube for : Thy Kingdom Come Bolton Archdeaconry Prayer Base

      • or Facebook for : Thy Kingdom Come – Manchester Diocese

   There are lots of different ways to participate in worship each Sunday, even if we can’t be physically together at our own church.  It's plain to see that worship is thriving outside the buildings. - To those of you who hadn't been trying to get to the online services on Zoom, I'd better explain. The global Zoom internet meeting network crashed due to being overloaded on Sunday morning last week !!

One headline I saw was "Church Crashes The Internet" !!!  YESSS !!

I doubt very much that our Bishop of Manchester envisaged all of this, when he launched his Church For A Different World programme a few years ago, but nothing coming out of our Diocesan HQcould have been more prophetic. We still don't know when we will be back inside our own church building, but I know that, as a congregation, we are praying more in our own homes than we possibly have for a long time. - Surely this is the real meaning of what church is. The body of Christ in the world. Not just the building on the hill.

Here are just some of the options to worship online:

  • St Nicholas, Newchurch, will hold their virtual service on Zoom at 3:00pm.
    • Please visit stnicholasnewchurch.com for details on how to join the service.

    • At 9:00am, on The Church of England’s Facebook Page and live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. This week’s special service for Pentecost is led by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, together with His Holiness, Pope Francis. – Highly recommended for everyone !!!

    • At 08:10am, the Sunday worship on Radio 4 celebrates Pentecost from Cardiff.

    • At 11:00am on BBC1, the Sunday service comes from Hereford Cathedral and is led by the Right Rev Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford.

    • Watch out also on Facebook for the virtual service of St John the Evangelist, Worsthorne.

•   Please do use the internet and social media, especially Facebook, to follow what the broader Church of England is doing during the crisis. Alternatively, the Church of England has launched a FREEPHONE service, Daily Hope, which you might find helpful and uplifting. Even if you just want to hear some hymns being sung, why not give it a call ? It’s free  call on 08008048044!!

•   COVID-19 : The Church building remains closed.

•  COVID-19 : Even though the church buildings are now closed until further notice  the body of Christ, of which we are all members, remains OPENAs Christians, we are called to love our neighbours. We can do this in many ways, despite the enforced isolation in which we find ourselves.

  • Give someone a call to check that they’re coping with the situation.

  • Pray over the phone with a friend.

  • Pray alone or with the other members of your household for safe deliverance from this epidemic for your families, those whose work puts them in danger of infection and those who lead our country through this crisis.

•  Pastoral Care Matters : We are facing worrying times at the moment.

  • Because of coronavirus, home visits by the Pastoral Team will have to be placed on hold for the moment.

  • This is being done to protect the members of our church family who fall into the “vulnerable” category of our population.

  • Nevertheless, our Pastoral Team is still working and are more than willing to provide a listening ear or to pray with you over the phone.

  • If you are forced to self-isolate and need someone to do your shopping, this can be arranged (but may not extend to loo roll).

  • If you feel the need for support, please email us on stmarygoodshaw@yahoo.com, or call Elaine, who will act as coordinator for the Pastoral Team.

•    This year’s APCM, will be held after a short family service on Sunday 30th August. SUBJECT TO CHANGE

  • As such, all current office holders (churchwardens, PCC members, deanery synod representatives and sides-people) will remain in office for an extended period :

    • Churchwardens : until 31st January 2021

    • PCC Members : until after the holding of the APCM

    • Deanery Synod Representatives : Until 30th November 2020

  • Why not use the time you now find you have on your hands to write your annual report for the APCM, and send it to Mike Black or Rachel Tracey ?

•   Dates for PCC Meetings in 2020 :

  • July 7th

  • September 8th

  • November 3rd

:   Since it looks as though it may be some time – certainly a matter of months, rather than weeks – before we are able to hold services again in church. Nevertheless, the church does have ongoing costs, which we have to pay whether we are holding services or not. To those of you, who pay by standing order, I would say a big thank you, and ask that, insofar as you are able to do so, please do not stop the standing orders. If you currently contribute to the church through the planned-giving envelopes, please consider switching to donating through standing order. If you wish to do so, here are the bank details :

Account Name : St Mary & All Saints with St John

Sort Code : 09-01-53

Account Number : 75875484

Quiet Days – Julie Barratt will be leading two quiet days again this year.  These are a time for study and reflection.  Due to Covid 19 If you haven't already, please follow the Link to the reflection for the reflection that was due to take place Saturday, 16th May We hope to be able to meet for the reflection on Saturday, 3rd October. 

• If you have any Notices to be shared, please email them to stmarygoodshaw@yahoo.com by Thursday evening, so that they can be included on the Sunday Notices circular. If you wish to receive the notices electronically each week, please speak to Mike or email the above address.

Message from Manchester Diocese Education Department via Rev Rod Bevan regarding Child Trust Funds – this could be of interest to some with teenage “children” ! Please also share with those you know who may be struggling financially at this time.

Dear Colleagues

Very warm greetings from the dispersed Education Department.  I really hope that this email finds you well and safe. 

Bishop David has asked us to be in touch with you urgently regarding an email he has received from a colleague regarding the Child Trust Fund.  Below is a brief except from that email to give you a summary of the current situation and how we may be able to help:

I would be very grateful for your help in getting an important message to 16-17 year-olds (born from 1 September 2002) in the Diocese of Manchester. Based on the last CofE census, I estimate there are 45,539 young people of this age in your diocesan population.

Almost all of these young people will have an individual Child Trust Fund account, typically worth over £1,000. They are allowed to take control of their account from age 16, and to access their funds from age 18 (the oldest will reach this age on 1 September). However, one third of these accounts, although being safely administered with account providers, are lost to their young owners and their families, as ‘Addressee Gone Away’: an estimated 15,180 in your diocese alone.

The Share Foundation, the registered charity I established in 2005 which runs the Department for Education’s Child Trust Fund and Junior ISA schemes for looked-after young people throughout the UK, has worked closely with HM Revenue & Customs to set up a recovery process by which these young people can find their account: this slide display explains it in simple terms. There are no fees or charges applied at any stage to the young people or their accounts - the service is entirely voluntary, and one of the major account providers, RBS, is helping to cover costs.

With secondary schools unable to operate normal studies during the continuing lockdown, this online course of action could materially benefit these young people: particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, where the rate of lost connection is greatest.

The money in their Child Trust Fund accounts, plus free life skills courses which we provide alongside the search process, will make a real difference for their start to adult life.

Please ensure that this information reaches young people and families, particularly in these difficult times.  We would be enormously grateful to you if you would forward both the slide display 

 www.sharefound.org/missingmoney and the accompanying registration page link https://findCTF.sharefound.org.  This information has also been forwarded to all our CofE secondary schools and academies across the diocese. 

Many, many thanks for your help in this. 

With very best wishes and prayers for you all